Thomas C. Chung Talk Series – choose from 3 workshops from Sunday 24 Feb


Sundays, 10:00am – 1:00pm

A series of talks by international artist on Thomas’ work in the current contemporary climate.

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Course Details

Workshop 1 – Empathy as an artist
Sunday 24 February

This first workshop is with Chinese-Australian contemporary artist, Thomas C. Chung. It is an introduction into his artistic practice, exploring the themes of childhood, innocence and the childlike state of mind. Relating it to his personal life as an empath and artist, he will share and speak of his developing interests, with an emphasis on engagement and discussion.

Workshop 2 – How to play as an artist
Sunday 7 April

This second workshop you will delve further into psychology and empathy, Thomas will explain his personal journey of how ‘play’ is an area which will expand your perspective and how this area of thought and practice is an integral part of creativity as an artist. This will include an outdoor walk and talk as a part of the day’s exploration.

Workshop 3 – Life as an artist
Sunday 19 May

This third workshop is a talk on being an Artist. Detailing his travels in the past decade, his experiences as a professional artist and what has have guided him in these ventures and life. Seeing our inner passions as an immense source of possibility, he will speak of how listening to our inner child is the key to retaining our happiness. This will conclude with a spontaneous excursion, wandering to find our ‘inner compass’.

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