Discover Charcoal Short Course with Michelle Molinari – Thu 7 to 28 Feb


7 to 28 February

Thursdays 10:00am – 1:00pm

This 4 week short course is Part 1 of an optional two parts offering students the possibility of exploring different techniques that are used in specific media.

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Course Details

PART 1:  Discover Charcoal for Beginners with Michelle Molinari

This short course, conducted over 4 weeks, will focus exclusively on refined drawing techniques using charcoal and white chalk on tinted paper. Developing skill and understanding of the medium.

Students will be guided and given the opportunity to compose their own composition to work from and if they wish they can bring in an object that has significance or interest to them, to work with. Additionally, a specimen collection will be provided by the tutor to use as subject reference. Students will begin drawing the composition and practice sketching before commencing the final piece which will be continued for the remaining classes. The outcome is to achieve a finished medium / large scale drawing that combines detail and accuracy as well as tonal softness through controlled application of the medium.

Taught by the award-winning Painter and drawer Michelle Molinari who has years of experience exhibiting nationally and locally as well as teaching at Melbourne Studio of Art in drawing and painting.

PART 2:  Watercolour Painting with Ted Dansey – Thu 7 to 28 March  Learn more>>

Short course cost:  $595 for one, $995 for both

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