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Acrylic Painting Kit for Beginners


Kit Contains:
• A3 Canvas Paper Pad (valued at $25)
• Golden Nylon Brush Set (valued at $20)
• A5 Hard Cover Journal (valued at $10)
• Matisse Titanium White S1 75 ml (valued at $13)
• Matisse Ivory Black S1 75 ml (valued at $13)
• Matisse Burnt Sienna S1 75 ml (valued at $13)
• Matisse Pthalo Blue S2 75 ml (valued at $16)
• Matisse Yellow Hansa Light S2 75 ml (valued at $16)
• Matisse Quin Red S4 75 ml (valued at $24)
• Disposable Palettes (valued at $10)
• 24 x 36 Inch Canvas (Valued at $20)

This kit is available as a Click & Collect order or can be mailed to you for an extra $20 postage & handling.

Online kits are discounted by 25% off the regular retail price. Enrolled students are welcome to order individual items at a 15% discount.

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This acrylic painting kit has been developed for students who wish to paint with quality water based paints instead of solvent based oils.

This kit is appropriate for all Contemporary Art programs and has a good range of base colours for observational painting classes that are usually done in oils as an alternative.  It is also excellent as a starter kit for people who wish to experiment at home and contains brushes, disposable palettes, a canvas paper pad and a large canvas to get you going.

When working at home it is important to ensure you cover all surfaces as paints may stain.  Acrylic paints are water based but we recommend you clean all brushes and dispose of waste away from eating areas.

Easel’s are not included in the price of this kit but are available at discounted rates through our store.

Kits are sold at 25% discount from the standard retails price.