A gentle breeze towards eternity

A gentle breeze towards eternity

We are delighted to have Roman Schoeni’s exhibition ‘A gentle breeze towards eternity’.

Swiss artist Roman Schoeni exhibits a selected series of paintings created in Melbourne over the last two years.

He questions the desire and ability of control in an overall context. His work talks about a journey along the fine line between consciousness and subconsciousness, colour and sound, life and afterlife.

Posthumous Tableax

Posthumous Tableax

Through her exquisite paintings Molinari brings to life arrangements of objects that remind us of the finality of death.

Inspired by the Dutch vanitas tradition of the seventeenth century, Molinari’s works seek to investigate the cultures of longing that impel the urge to preserve something from nature’s inevitable course.

Michelle has been busy creating not only exquisite paintings but taxidermy pieces for the Gippsland Gallery with her delightful exhibition ‘Posthumous tablaux’.

If you are in the area please do go in and view the delights of this exhibition and see the talents of one of our tutors. It is exquisite.


Presence looks at the ways in which the presence of the body is signified and materially understood through discussions of autonomy, the digital body, queer embodied experience and fetishisation.

Focusing on sculptural forms and non-literal depictions of body, the project engages artists from marginalized perspectives as central to inform its discussion. Presence challenges the hetero-normative gaze’s relationship with body through asserting the power of a queer gaze and approach to artistic practice.

Curated by Brigid Hansen and Zoë Bastin.

Featuring the work of Anna Horne, Archie Barry, Holly Bates, Isabella Hone-Saunders, Lou Fourie and Zoë Bastin.

Valley Below

V a l l e y – B e l o w refers to the autobiographical experiences of the artist, exploring concepts of the known and unknowable parts of self that lie below the surface. His work takes inspiration from archetypal spirituality, using contorted bodies, fused with animals in motion in an exploration of emotions and memories. This particular body of work expands on themes that Piper has been developing over the past four years. He reflects on his experiences growing up in country NSW and explores totemic imagery within his work as a tool to convey narrative and emotional experience.

“As an artist, I am compelled to explore personal experiences and translate them into paintings, drawings and poems to express that which cannot be understood without the abstraction of creation. It’s about one’s own past being observed outside of context, and how we self-assess by explore the past through our present understandings.” – Piper says.