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T H E  W A Y  O F  T H E  L I G H T

4th April – 25th April

Opening Night | Saturday 10th April, 5-8pm



The journey in art creation, painting and drawing, has led Pilar to the understanding that it is all about “THE WAY OF THE LIGHT”. Capturing the light to create an illusion is the greatest challenge as well as the greatest joy!

PILAR DE LA TORRE formally studied drawing at The Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney where she was awarded the Thea Proctor Scholarship. Since then, she has also studied painting in Melbourne, Italy, France, Spain and Russia at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Art, also known The Repin Academy, SP.

Pilar is committed to the “constant and never ending improvement” in her art skill base and practice. Her art practice includes drawing and painting from life. This includes weekly life drawing, portrait painting, on site landscape (plein air) painting, and still life painting. Pilar enjoys working in all mediums including oils, water colour, pen and ink, clay, pastel and charcoal. Currently Pilar is teaching at the Melbourne Studio of Art.


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Past Exhibitions


AWAKENING is a collection of drawings and paintings made during lockdown in Melbourne, and earlier at The Florence Academy of Art. The portraits, still lifes and landscapes explore the beauty of light, atmosphere, and the theme of spiritual awakening.

The Nature of Colour

Cathy Usatoff explores the use of strong and powerful colour fields in abstracted settings that recall traditional landscape compositions.


‘Absolution’ is the body of works created during Brock’s time as Artist in Residence at Eastside International, California, 2019.


‘Gallimaufry’ is a medley of things, an orchestrated array of works with a variety of themes. A delight to the senses.

A Gentle Breeze Towards Eternity

A journey along the fine line between consciousness and subconsciousness, colour and sound, life and afterlife.


A collection of academic drawings, paintings and prints.

Geoff Dupree

A collection of drawings and prints.

Basquiat x Haring Collaboration

Basquiat x Haring Collaboration by Brock Q Piper 8 – 12’s