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T A K E  F R O M  T H E  G A R D E N

8th November – 5th December

Opening Night | 13th November


GEORGIA PRICONE is consistently drawing inspiration from her surroundings to devise works of nostalgia and intricacy.

TAKE FROM THE GARDEN is a collection of still life oil paintings that pay homage to the generosity of her grandparents and the appreciation of giving and receiving as well as sharing their home-grown gifts.

This collection ‘takes’ from these surroundings and positions nature as the focal point in seemingly unnatural settings to heighten their ornamental qualities. Thus, these neutral compositions offer viewers an alternative perspective of how one can embrace their surroundings.

Through managing gallery spaces and exhibiting in Melbourne, Georgia’s passion for art continues to grow.


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Past Exhibitions

The Seven Palaces of Breath: Pictures From A Book

This body of work is part of a book that is in collaboration with Zoharic scholar Nathan Wolski.

Art From My Glass House

These paintings are fully realised explosions of joy, frustration, love and passion. This work is lightyears above his last works presented in his 2019 Melbourne Studio of Art Exhibition “Fun and Happy”, which is testament to his dedication as a painter.

The Way of the Light

The journey in art creation, painting and drawing, has led Pilar to the understanding that it is all about “THE WAY OF THE LIGHT”. Capturing the light to create an illusion is the greatest challenge as well as the greatest joy!


AWAKENING is a collection of drawings and paintings made during lockdown in Melbourne, and earlier at The Florence Academy of Art. The portraits, still lifes and landscapes explore the beauty of light, atmosphere, and the theme of spiritual awakening.

The Nature of Colour

Cathy Usatoff explores the use of strong and powerful colour fields in abstracted settings that recall traditional landscape compositions.


‘Absolution’ is the body of works created during Brock’s time as Artist in Residence at Eastside International, California, 2019.


‘Gallimaufry’ is a medley of things, an orchestrated array of works with a variety of themes. A delight to the senses.

A Gentle Breeze Towards Eternity

A journey along the fine line between consciousness and subconsciousness, colour and sound, life and afterlife.


A collection of academic drawings, paintings and prints.

Geoff Dupree

A collection of drawings and prints.